16 Dishes – 22 June 2024

Culinary favorites

1. Pork pate

Chunky Pork pate garnished with dried fruits and berry compote

2. Filet American

Belgian style beef tartar with spicy paprika mayonnaise on sour dough bread garnished with gherkins and quale egg

3. Herring

Herring filet on pumpernickel bread spread with sour cream topped with onions

4. Classical prawn cocktail

Prawns on iceberg topped with creamy 1000 island sauce

5. Smoked chicken salad

Mixed lettuce with julienne root vegetables, orange segments and raspberry vinaigrette

6. Grilled vegetable wrap

Tortilla filled with grilled Mediterranean vegetables and rocket lettuce

7. Chilled cucumber celery gazpacho

A cold soup made from cucumber and celery garnished with sour cream and a brunoises from red onion, red pepper and mint

8. Potato mustard soup

Creamy soup made from Potatoes, djon- and wholegrain mustard, garnished with bacon bits

9 Duck consommé

Clear duck consommé with duck and mushroom

9. Beef Vol Au vent

Puff pastry filled with beef ragu

10. Salmon spinach raviolis

Ravioli filled with a mixture from salmon, spinach and pecorino with creamy tomato sauce

12. Pork goulash

A Pork goulash with bell pepper strips. Is served with German noodles

13. Pomfret

Pomfret fish served on carrot mashed potato with a white wine lemon beurre Blanc

14. Blue berry yoghurt ice cream

Blue berry yogurt ice-cream topped with crème d cassis

15. Creme Brulé

Creme Brulé made with liquor 43 and real bourbon vanilla

16. Cheese plate

A variety of international cheese

You can eat any of the dishes as many times you like for just Thb. 1095,-