16 Dishes – 19 & 26 November 2022

Around the world

1. Smoked duck breast crepe

Crepe filled with smoked duck breast

2. Salmon & Avocado

Tartar from salmon and avocado combined with sour cream

3. Chicken and pineapple cocktail

A cocktail from chicken combined with bell peppers, onion, pineapple, and curry mayonnaise

4. Poached Prawns

Poached prawns with American cocktail sauce

5. Pork Terrine

Pork meat in its own gelee garnished with cranberry compote   

6. Waldorf salad

A combination from ham, apples, walnuts, celery, raisins, and mayonnaise  

7. Watermelon gazpacho

Chilled soup from watermelon

8. Mushroom consommé

Clear soup made from an extensive mushroom’s variety

9. Creamy corn and chicken soup

Creamy corn soup made on a base from free range hen infused with basil

10. Brie honey almond

Crostini with brie topped with honey and almonds baked in the oven  

11. Canard confit

Duck drumstick sous vide prepared in its own fat

12. Goulash

Pork goulash served with spaetzle

13. Sea bass

Pan-fried seabass with carrot-mashed potatoes and caper sauce

14. Coffee caramel parfait

Homemade ice-cream with the tastes of caramel and espresso

15. Bossche bol

Éclair puff filled with whipping cream and topped with chocolate ganache

16. Cheese platter

International cheese platter garnished with grapes and crackers

You can order any of the dishes as many times as you like for just 995,– Baht